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"Play has had enough, and I do not want to waste time with you" White Xuan seeing, the eyes of a cold, are losing patience continue to struggle, although now the situation has basically been in control in his hand, but still resolved soon now, so dark and dreary. " Shen common people smile, looked up gazing into the open sky, the heart is muttering. The impact between the spiritual power, spiritual power that is crashing curtains finally open, Huiyi old man two whitish complexion, Zhenfei several Baizhang, between throat also came a smothered voice, mouth sweep After a touch of bright red. If they reveal the change for them, I am afraid they will die even worse. custom nike soccer jerseys Dust covered with cold sweat, animal husbandry, hear, so to say, this column has become a big magic Sumeru a bomb? As long as it pushed the dragon enchanted, he will certainly be the kind of force completely destroyed. Calm eyes stared at him, and said: "If you want to intervene, I do not mind a shot" Shi Hao looking slightly changed, Los glass is a genuine financial strength throughout the day. custom design soccer jerseys

�� And these few figures, but it is not polite to occupy nine Divine's most perfect location, chasing, but no one dared to contend with. custom made soccer jerseys She stared at the dust, animal husbandry. Thought here, they are also secretly Yi Tan, really worthy of them as the Holy Land of North Cang Ling hospital ah, this kind of competition, really is a bit scary. "This is the Holy Spirit Mountain's own two of the most dangerous things, I do not know how many had died among the strong" "Thank you, sister Summer remind I know" Grazing dust grateful nod. Color black bone above to start quickly faded, just a few interest of time, that is to cut the bone days supreme once again become crystal clear, like jade, perfect pole, and this time, the day the Supreme bone and No re-violent resistance, but they are lying quietly grazing among palm dust.

Dust, animal husbandry foot air, palms slowly grip rope, a surge somewhat strange fluctuations scared, the same spread out from his body, dark and spiritual force behind cohesion at its crest, but did not like Dan Jingtian general, The essence of the soul of refining condensed out of shape. "It started today and you will enter which practice it, I will open spiritual matrix, will be that eight spiritual matrix polymer tearing a gap, which will lead out some of the aura. The gap between, but increasingly has been opened. custom soccer goalie jerseys That stone brothers Sheng thunder. Therefore, all are diligently practicing in mustering the strength of some of the top ten near the day's top student, is constantly sprint the day top ten, trying to also be able to qualify to enter the "North Cang door", although They are also aware of the dangers inherent in them, but at the moment, but it is no one back. Dust, animal husbandry, also hesitated and immediately my heart jump, do the North Cang Ling hospital also wanted to get his big Sumeru magic column to pay out? "Oh, be assured, if we North Cang Ling hospital also do, and also what the dragon enchanted difference?" Seems to see the dust, animal husbandry concerns in mind, too Cang Dean laughed.